You are hearing everyone talking about how it is great to make money online through affiliate marketing, and tons of articles are available through the web with tons and tons of tips and tricks, guides and how-to be an affiliate, but as a beginner you are looking for a straight forward, clear and plain answers, here we will talk about affiliate marketing for beginners and we will answer these questions for you:

  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • Is affiliate marketing for me?
  • What are the methods for affiliate marketing?


I will try to cover as much as I can while trying my best to keep it as simple as it can get for beginners, so let’s start, Shall we?


what is affiliate marketing?


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where the merchants or service supplier recruit people to promote their products, services or both, and convince buyers to buy it through their affiliate links, in exchange for a commission.

That’s it!


Affiliate marketing is the easiest kind of online income generator methods and models, some Affiliates can make money out of it as soon as they start, and start to make some extra online money on daily bases all thanks to affiliate marketing.

Basically affiliate marketing is about finding a niche, finding a product or service that could sell in this particular niche, find a supplier for this product or service who uses affiliate marketing, and start marketing it to this niche.


There are four core players or levels in Affiliate marketing, first you have the “Suppliers” (some like to call them “merchant, retailers, brands, etc.”) those suppliers will provide you with the products and services you will be marketing as an affiliate, then you have the “Networks” which is something seemlier to marketplaces, those networks are places where you can find offers to choose from and start marketing, they will take care of payments for you too, the third player or level is you the “Affiliate” (Some like to call the affiliates “Publishers”, “Partners”, etc.), needless to say: you as an affiliate will be doing all the marketing for the offers you choose, finally we have the fourth player or level which is “Costumers”, those who will buy what you are offering them, and help you earn money online.


Think about affiliate marketing as a way of monetizing your “online time”, or you can go a little bit advance and make it a side job, or maybe you can dive all in and make it your full job, the only thing will determine that (and kind of depends on it actually), is YOU. So let’s see if affiliate marketing is for you.



Is affiliate marketing for me?

Like any other “making money online ways”, Affiliate marketing needs discipline, patient and planning, if you are that kind of person who can’t set and finish what he need to do and bounce all over the place every few minutes, or bounce all over different topics in one session, then maybe affiliate marketing isn’t for you, but if you can get yourself into Laser Focus Mood for less than couple of hours a day, knows how to sell indirectly and convince or encourage people to buy a specific thing you are promoting, and you can handle researching a product or service and get to know a lot of information about it, and you know how to deliver these information to others, then affiliate marketing is defiantly something you should consider.


Some methods of affiliate marketing will need a lot of work when you start, and it will need you to keep working hard on it for a while until it can get on auto pilot mode, some other methods will need a little bit of work and you will be constantly working on it.


So what are the most popular methods for affiliate marketing and which one you think will be a perfect fit for yourself?



Methods and ways of affiliate marketing


 What are the methods for affiliate marketing?

First of all take my word for it, don’t you ever try to cover all of the methods that can be used in affiliate marketing, it’s sort of a really deep ocean, and as a beginner you will get overwhelmed easily and you will end up doing nothing, the key here is to be smart about it and try to figure out which is the perfect fit for you from the most popular, smart ways for affiliate marketing, and which of those methods are suitable for you as a beginner, so here is the most common top two ways to start affiliate marketing as a beginner whether you have money or you have no money to start:-


Content method for affiliate marketing


Content marketing

In this method you will focus your efforts on building a content which is relevant to what you are promoting, this content could be about the industry, specific brand or company, a specific product or service, the main thing here that it must be related to what you are promoting to your audience.

Think about it like if you are a cab driver, you will need a Car to get your clients from point A to point B, in this particular case, the content is your car which will help you earn your money be delivering sales from your audience to your supplier.


The most popular and useful way of content marketing for beginners is Blogging, many of affiliate marketers are making a decent living out of blogging solely, blogs are easy to set, maintain and handle, and you can get it in both ways: for free or paid.



Social media method for affiliate marketing


Social Media

In this method you will utilizes social media for your affiliate marketing benefit, things like your Twitter account, Instagram account and Facebook pages or groups, YouTube channel, etc. can be very useful for you, you need to focus on building an audience “in your niche of course”, and start promote what you have to them, or if you already have a followers base, maybe it’s time to start analyze this base in order to figure out how you can monetize this base, you can use paid Social Media Marketing (SMM) as a way to build your followers base, by buying ads on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, etc. and promote your page or account to gain more followers, followers that you can promote to and start making money from.


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Final thoughts: Affiliate marketing is a process; it will need time, effort, planning and patient, and you will need to be smart about it, things like choosing the niche and products, the methods and ways you will presses, need to be planned before you jump in or you will end up losing time and efforts with nothing to show for as a result.


That been said, don’t you ever be afraid of making mistakes, but most importantly is to learn from these mistakes, this will give you the most needed experience to success as an affiliate.


Here in income rush we wish you all of the best in your journey as an affiliate marketer, don’t go away for long time we will be publishing new useful articles about affiliate marketing and other different methods of how to make money online, so stay tuned, and thank you for taking the time to read through this article, please feel free to share any useful tips and tricks on affiliate marketing in the comment section, or to ask about anything related to this article.

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