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To learn how to make money online you most know all of the basics that you will need, in this article we will cover: what is a website, domain name and host plan? How and where you can get it from? So you can start your online business.


Statics shows that more than 259 million are online active users, and that’s only in North America, Can you imagine that!! The internet has become a virtual world, you can find whatever you want, need or desire, whenever you need it, wherever you are, and it is a few clicks away, awesome right?


But that’s not it, what we are concerned with as entrepreneurs, is how to make money online? How to make the most out of this internet to grow our wealth and bank accounts? for entrepreneurs the internet is not just a tool, it’s a proven way of prosper through different economy climates, they sell through it, whether they are selling products or providing services, they are defiantly making steady income out of it.



Start building a website for your Online Business



So where to start?


Well, they call it online business for a reason, it is an established business that is online, in order to do that, you will need a website, a website is a domain name which is connected to a host plan, a host plan is a space on a server which will be provided to you by a host company, think about the host plan as if it’s an empty land, you will start building it day by day, until it becomes a ready-to-use building, it is the same, you will build your site on that host plan, and to reach it you will need the domain name, which is the URL which will take you there, think about domain name as if it’s a unique key that will open your site whenever you or your clients will use.


To start with your website building tasks you will need to buy a domain name, this process is called “Domain register”, there is a ton of companies that will be a great servant for you with this matter, companies such as,,,, and my favorite company which is (personally I’ve been with them for years now, and they never disappointed me).


Keep in mind: low prices ARE NOT always a good sign, a lot of times this mean you will end up over paying for your domain name, some companies will advertise a domain name registration for a super low fee, but this offer will contain a hidden fees, such as multi-years registration, additional services or add-ons, you will find yourself ending up paying an equal or even more (sometimes) than other companies, So when you start researching for the best company for domain name registration you should always keep an open eye for the details.


how to choose a domain for my Online Business


.Com or .Net?


So probably you are asking yourself (Should I go with .com or .net for my online business domain name?), the answer will be: you will always want to go with .com, generally speaking it’s the most common and known domain extension, Your clients will always think that your website is (, also  46.8% of websites which are up-and-running today are using .Com extension, the next most popular extension is .ru with a little bit over 5% usage through the internet, this clearly shows you the importance of using a .com extension for your online business, .Net is used mostly for networks websites, Internet providers, Email service providers, and the list goes on, but I’m pretty sure you got the picture here.



.com or .net for my Online Business



Tips for choosing domain name for your website


You should always choose a short and memorable domain name, and an easy to type one too, avoid domain names that goes a mile of length (, No one, and I really mean NO ONE EVER is going to pare with writing all this just to get to your website, or remember what’s your domain is, also if your brand doesn’t include numbers, it’s recommended that you do not use numbers in your domain name, also you should search for and choose a domain name with keywords related to your business, this will come extremely handy when you start to apply SEO (Search Engines Optimizations) to get organic traffic to your website (We will cover this soon, don’t worry), You should also keep an eye on trademarks, Copyrighted or branded by other companies in your area, this will result in you losing this domain or worst being sued for using it, when you buy a domain name every domain name registration service or company out there will try to up-sell you on other extensions, sometimes this is a good thing, if you are willing to pay more you could secure and protect your brand by register different extinctions of your domain name, Finally, when you find your perfect match domain name you should act fast and acquire it, domain names sell super-fast, so you most act fast.



web host for your Online Business



Web Hosting Plan for your website

There are different kinds of web hosting, from a simple web host plan on a shared server to VPS hosting to Dedicated Servers, but what we are going to cover here is the simple shared host plan, as it’s what you will need as a starter website, and as a beginner to all of this.


You are going to start your online business, there so you don’t have a high-traffic or a high-volume data in your site, so you don’t need a VPS hosting or Dedicated Server to host your site, Shared hosting is a great solution for extra small, small and medium online business, you will share and split all of the resources of the server with other small and medium websites, and you will get it for a fair price which will not harm your starting budget.


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When you decide to buy a shared hosting plan you most consider some major factors such as: Price, Performance, Storage, Bandwidth limits and of course how good is Costumers Support, any of those factors can either make or break your online business, now there is other factors too, but it is not as important as these factors, other factors such as free add-ons, free domain name for the first year, free setup of your site, website-builder, and the list goes on.


Some of the great host services are:,, and, and of course my personal favorite (I hosted over a couple of dozens of websites with them over the past years, they are Awesome, and you can pay monthly using their monthly host plans if you want to).



how to get a website for your Online Business




To Sum UP:

To start your own online business you will need a website, a website is a domain name (URL) that will redirect you to your host plan (Space) where you will find your already-built website, You should choose your domain name wisely as it is a main factor on how people will find and visit your website, you should also choose an excellent web host service to host your website on, as a beginner we recommend that you buy a shared web hosting plan, a plan that comes up with a website builder is a plus, don’t be fooled by low prices, and always check the details and reviews about the company before you buy anything from.


That’s it guys, we hope you found this article as useful as we think, and please leave a comment with your thoughts, tips and ideas about how to start online business? How to make money online? How to build your own website?



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